Lawrence Tam and Toby and Layla – Excommunicated From ViSalus? Shocking!

Have Lawrence Tam and Toby and Layla really been booted from ViSalus? WHAT? Did I hear what I just think I heard?

That’s what I turned and said to my wife as we were settling down to hear the “Live Stream Press Release – HUGE Announcement from Black and Tam Inc” on an UNUSUAL 11:00 pm Friday night Google-HangOut.

lawrence tam and toby and layla

Lawrence Tam and Toby and Layla “Black and Tam Inc”

The email hit my inbox at exactly 8:36 am on Friday November 2. It didn’t take long to decide that I was going to be in attendance when I read, “Black and Tam Inc will be holding a Live Stream Press Release to roll out all of the shocking news”. Humm… “Black and Tam Inc”? This is going to be good! I’m there!

Lawrence Tam kicked it off and got right to the point by saying he was “terminated from a great company”. Toby later in the live-stream reiterates the shocking news by saying, “we have ALL been terminated from a network marketing company that we love”. Just for the record, ViSalus was never named as the company Lawrence Tam and Toby and Layla were “terminated” from. Just to be CLEAR!

My hunch however, it’s ViSalus! It’s exactly what an uptight, corporate MLM company will do if you don’t toe the line, even if you’re top producers like Black and Tam Inc. So what was the “cardinal sin” that got Lawrence Tam and Toby and Layla excommunicated? It’s unclear! Lawrence Tam and Toby and Layla never disclosed that information but my theory is it may have to do with their connection with the bad boys of internet marketing, Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe.

So all you internet marketers, take this as a WARNING: if you’re in Empower Network and also in a traditional MLM, don’t be surprised if they bring the hammer down on you! “Stuffy” MLM companies who sleep in their suits and ties don’t take kindly to criticism about building a network marketing business like it’s 1972. You know, using “old-school” tactics like cold calling real estate agents, recruiting your friends and family or chasing strangers around Wal-Mart trying to get them into your business!

Okay, Rant Over :) LOL

Lawrence Tam and Toby and Layla – “Black and Tam Inc”???

So what do you get when you combine a clean-cut, frugal, 34 year old, ex-engineer who retired because he made 5 time more income as a “part-time” internet marketer than he did as an engineer, Asian guy and two, young and crazy, punk rock musicians, covered in tattoos, who started their internet marketing career in the basement of a bar, who got famous on Facebook, team up? You get, “Black and Tam Inc”.

Toby and Layla said it like this “2 Blacks + 5 Tams + Secret Sauce = Freedom”! These “genuine hard working leaders” are prepared to show “a community of people what we’ve done right and more importantly what we’ve done WRONG”!

So here’s the deal, how much would you pay for a weekend with three marketers who’ve learned the “REAL secret sauce” to internet marketing success?

How much would it be worth to you to get a “done for you” business:

  • Website, in place
  • Your own product, in place
  • Ad copy, in place
  • Sales funnel, in place
  • Follow-up email, in place
  • Lead-source, in place
  • Traffic, coming in before you leave!

Lawrence Tam and Toby and Layla plan to take you to school and “educate” folks with a “platform in a graduating system”; Tam says they will have an application process because the information is not going to be for everybody. Meaning; if you’re a beginner, you’re probably going to have to learn some stuff before attending.

Black and Tam Inc are revealing their private data base of knowledge, tools and strategies that have given them a 100K+ per month income online. Lawrence Tam and Toby and Layla feel “you shouldn’t live a restrained and restricted life” and “if you live in the United States or Canada you should make enough money to live a Rock-Star lifestyle”.

Lawrence Tam and Toby and Layla, “Black and Tam Inc.”….I totally agree!!

-Jamie LeBlanc

-“Jobless Marketer”

PS  See the company and business association that may have gotten Lawrence Tam and Toby and Layla booted from their MLM company, Click the link only if you promise not to laugh! LOL ;)

lawrence tam and toby and layla